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Whyalla miners employed by arrium reject proposed pay cuts

Whapronxyalla miners employed by arrium reject proposed pay cuts


The former chief accountant and executive director at the Australian Gold Council has quit in protest over pay demands he says are unrealistic.

Clare Murray says his departure was prompted by an offer of up to $100,000 in redundancy but he will not accept it because of a decision by the government not to introduce compulsory redundancy and to accept the pay cut.

Key points Clare Murray says his exit comes with big financial consequences for his firm

Mining union rejects proposal of up to $100,000 in pay cut

Government has not given miners the benefit of the doubt on pay cuts

“There’s a lot of people in our group that do work very hard to make a living for themselves and for their families and it is very disappointing but if ther더킹카지노e’s one thing I know it’s what the government has done and will continue to do, it will not give you the money that you deserve as an industrial contractor and certainly not to our customers in terms of money to buy the things you need,” he told ABC News radio.

Mr Murray said while he was happy to take the offer, he was concerned the amount was too little to compensate for a significant loss of income.

“We have worked very hard and have really been good stewards of the company for many years and in recent times there’s been some changes with our management over the past five years that is making it very difficult,” he said.

“We’re just very disappointed about the amount, particularly considering that we’ve been doing very well for the last three years at the mine.”

‘It’s not the same’

A spokesman for the Department of Jobs, Training and Innovation told ABC Radio on Thursday morning that the Government had “not changed its rules to help existing employees receive a pay rise”.

“Employers are paid on a sliding scale and you will never be compensated until you’ve been in service for five years,” the spokesman said.

“Employers’ compensation is paid in line with productivity and other financial constraints.

“It’s important for businesses that employ existing staff and have contracts in place to ensure that the right pay and benefits are put in place to suppo더킹카지노rt their commitment to their employees and the business.”

Clare Murray says he will continue to work, despite pay pressures and potential for his company to lose clients.

But he says it’s the Government’s “backdoor” approach that will not make up for the impact his departure will have on people wh