5 sep

Qld police continue search for duo missing in capella concert attack

Qld police continue search for duo missing in capella concert attack


Two girls aged 12 and 13 were attacked in downtown Santa Barbara during an afternoon pop concert that was scheduled to conclude Friday night, police said in a press release.

Police say the victims were both shot in the upper abdomen by two people between 10 and 11:40 a.m. in gospelhitza parking lot near the venue on Sunset Boulevard near the intersection with Calabasas Avenue.

The shooter fled 바카라사이트on foot after the shooting and is still at large, police said.

It’s believed the two victims were attending the event, but we have no information at this time as to whether or not they were in attendance.

Authorities also recovered a pistol during the man’s pursuit and were searching that location for surveillance video, the release said.

The first girl who was wounded suffered life-threatening injuries, police said. She was rushed to a hospital where she was later released and is in stable condition.

The second victim was taken to the hospital with a broken nose and a fractured skull. She is expected to be OK, police said.

It’s believed the two people behind the shooting are also at large and authorities are asking the public for their help in identifying them.

Anyone who has any information about this incident is asked to contact the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department at 714-826-1700.

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