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Police urge caution along albany coastline

Police urge caution along albany coastline

Police say it’s still unclear if someone is dead, and as of Saturday night, authorities had not yet found the body of the man they said shot and killed the 26-year-old man.

On Thursday afternoon, the Brooklyn DA’s office, which investigates all homicides in the district, was reviewing its surveillance video of the incident, said spokeswoman Mariella Harkavy.

No suspects had been in custody as of Saturday, said deputy city press secretary Karen Pritchard. She said an autopsy would b바카라e conducted later, but that the case remained open.

Pritchard said she could not release any other information until the investigation was complete.

‘A shocking thing to happen’

“This tragic event highlights another terrible element in New York City: this type of tragedy involving people sh바카라ooting each other,” said District Attorney Ken Thompson in a statement. “It is our utmost priority to thoroughly investigate any incident that can be related to this tragic incident and hold whoever is responsible to account, however painful the outcome may be.”

Marielle Culp, 21, said after the shooting that she was in a parking lot on East 54th Street when she got a call from someone and was later approached by the driver of an SUV she was passing, asking her if she needed any help.

“He wanted to make sure everything was okay,” Culp said. “I told him that it looked like it had come out of nowhere, and I couldn’t believe what just happened in front of me. I’m like, ‘What if, you know, I accidentally shot my sister in the back of the head?’ He says, ‘What are you talking about? You’re not my sister.’ That’s when I started crying.”

A passerby who passed her on Sixth Avenue gave her a box of tissues, and she sat and cried.

“When I looked at my sister’s limp body, I knew that I had to do something,”더킹카지노 Culp said. “This was very painful for me. It really felt like I needed to have an outlet where I could cry.”

On Thursday afternoon, she had been crying all morning, she said. And although the shooting happened just a few blocks from her home, she said her immediate thoughts and plans are to go home and keep in touch with family.

Her brother, Adam Culp, 26, said in a statement Saturday that she was “in a precarious position with family, friends and the law” and sh