5 sep

Open organisers back police on pepper spray

Open organisers back police on pepper spray

The protest was organised by The Anti-Capitalists and other groups

As they waited for the police at 5.50우리카지노pm outside the Royal Opera House, many people were taken to nearby Kings Cross train station, where police were deployed to protect the protest.

“If they were to come from the city centre they would’ve had to travel overland,” one resident said.

“This is the first time in a long time that there hasn’t been a police presence,” he said.

“They should have had a clear line to tell people ‘If you don’t come, you’re arrested’.”

A spokesman for the Royal Opera House said the Royal Victoria’s show was taking place during London’s Big Scramble holiday weekend, but didn’t have any information on police plans.

“Our thoughts are with those affected, they have been taken through the police queue,” he said.

There are about 100 people in the protest, but organisers insist no more people than were already gathered were arrested.

The Royal Opera House was under a 24-hour curfew as the police moved through.

Some officers are holding their hands over their faces, but it’s believed the action did not cause anyone injury.

However, a man in his 30s, whose identity was not released, was pulle카지노 사이트d over for speeding.

He was charged with speeding but the charges are set to be taken down as it wasn’t illegal.

A spokeswoman for카지노 사이트 the Police Federation said: “Protesters gathered peacefully and peacefully – police were present and we were clear about their duty.

“Protestants are now in the process of forming a group outside the Royal Opera House. We hope to have an arrangement soon to go over it and speak to supporters about what action people can take.

“The Royal Opera House is a public place open to everyone, including members of the public wishing to demonstrate.

“Protestants outside the Opera House are free to engage in debate, but are not permitted to interfere with proceedings.”