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Darwin native title appeal begins July 25

Darwin native title appeal begins July 25.

Dillon said he will accept the appeal if the club is able to make a positive statement at Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting by being more vocal about its stance on the issue.

The board is expected to agr바카라ee on Thursday to delay the trial until Aug. 10.

Dillon added that he is pleased with the resolution of the appeal process.

“The Board of Governors has agreed with us. It is a step forward on a very big piece of issue,” he said.

“It has been an uphill battle. We will seejarvees.com what happens next because all options are on the table if there is a change in opinion.”

The Board of Governors met Wednesday for an optional public meeting and will consider the appeal later this week. If the outcome is not agreed upon by the board, Dillon, who has long been vocal about the issue,바카라사이트 is expected to begin his term as CEO after the election of his successor in September.

Dillon’s son, Jodie, a former Winnipeg Jets goaltender who played in the NHL under Dick Irvin, served as the team’s vice-president of player services for 14 years.

A year ago, his contract expired and Dries became the CEO. Dries is under contract through January 2017 and can be terminated at any time.

In February 2014, a settlement was reached in a lawsuit between former CEO David Poile and Dries. The settlement included $10 million in a compensation package and Dries was offered a five-year contract at $4 million a year for the first six years, then a four-year deal at $3.5 million a year for the second half.

That compensation plan was one reason that the suit was settled out of court in March 2015, allowing Dries to remain at the helm at the time.

Dries is now a partner at Canadian law firm Harvester, Sperling & Co. He previously worked for the city of Winnipeg for 16 years, as a business development officer.

Winnipeg won the Calder Cup in 2009 after winning the NHL title in 2008, in which the Jets lost to Los Angeles and Dallas.