14 aug

Canberra voters return both sitting labor members to the House

Canberra voters return both sitting labor members to the House.

But the big que바카라stion is how the balance will be dealt with if two or more voters are removed or put on the backburner.

“As we continue to examine all the available options, I am confident we will have a reasonable solution for what’s happened in Canberra,” said Abbott.

“This is one thing I’m sure of and I’m confident we can find that middle ground and that people will have confidence in the decision.”

In the current Senate, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Coalition Senator Cory Bernardi were 바카라given an automatic majority of 38, with minor party votes split between them.

A vote to elect a new Senate is expected to be held by March 12.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he would “look at all the possible options”.

He said any decision was “very, very good news” for those fighting to end a two-year period of political chaos and gridlock in Canberra.

Turnbull announced $30 million in funding for a regional rail network linking the south and east of Australia, as well as $14.9 million in infrastructure upgrades.

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