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Call for tasers after prison guard stabbed inmate Read more

Call for tasers after prison guard stabbed inmate Read more

The incident occurred at the Elsands Correctional Facility in Wrangell on Saturday after inmates had gathered after the lockdown.

A guard who lives in the complex described his experience, telling the Arizona Republic that he was walking to the카지노 무료 쿠폰 kitchen area when a prisoner began screaming and screaming.

“I just saw a guy in uniform with a gun at me, and I turned around to look. He was pointing his arm and he said: ‘I got five on you – go to the other cell,'” said the guard, who was fired after the incident. “로투스 바카라 분석The guy then stood on my side, pointed his fist at me, saying I was going to kill myself. I don’t know why he did that.”

A Wrangell police spokesman, Jason Mays, said: “Officers responded to a reported incident in the complex. Officers arrived within an hour and a half. No injuries were reported.”

A number of guards at the facility were wounded, and a Wrangell police sergeant was taken to a hospital for treatment, Mays said.코리아 카지노

“A female officer was in critical condition. She sustained non-life threatening injuries, and remains in the hospital with a minor cut on her hand and arm,” he said.

Mays, who lives in the complex, told the Arizona Republic that the officer had been out for the last two hours when she came across the fight between the guards and the inmates. The guards were fighting over a prisoner who had gotten out and began to walk away after being restrained by another prisoner.

“When she confronted the guy with the gun, the guy punched her in the face several times,” Mays said. “She fell on the floor. The man put her in the car, and they both took off.”

The officer reported hearing what she said were a few shots fired from the guard’s assault rifle, but did not see the man with the gun being armed. The guard’s actions led to a lockdown and forced the men from one cell to the other.

When the guard’s phone and the cell phone of a guard in the other cell were returned to them, the guards told the guard from the other cell to shut them and to turn them over to the other guard, Mays said. The officer had told the two guards the situation had not started yet, but the two men had been out all night until their cell phone was taken away.

The incident drew sharp reaction on social media, with man