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Astra owner backs calls for penalty rates review

Astra owner backs calls for penalty rates review

FAIRFAX NZ The Federation of Airline Pilots is concerned the decision to include penalty rates in바카라사이트 the penalty rates plan could have an impact on small business.

The Auckland Airport Authority (Ara) wants to see the rates reviewed, but says it is concerned th카지노 사이트e plan’s penalty rates include an interest-free repayment option.

The FAA has proposed the new charges be made interest-free for all commercial aircraft operating on the airport, but the ARA said it will accept the additional revenue only if the rate for a $100 aircraft loan exceeded the cost of operating the aircraft.

In the plan’s summary, the ARA’s penalty rates include a provision for interest-free credit, the latter of which it said had resulted in $12 million in revenue since the rate was introduced in the pilot project.


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The ARA said it accepted it could make an exception for any aircraft used by the National Airports Council (NASC), but the ARA said its interest-free scheme would have been fair to the small airlines and small commercial operators in the industry.

“It’s quite hard to understand how the ARA could have an interest-free repayment option in its penalties plan, particularly because the rate is so high for a loan of this type. It may be that the ARA considered it an unfair advantage that their interest-free program was more costly than other aircraft loans on the market,” an ARA official said.

In January, the ARA was asked by the Government and the FAA to review its penalty rate system and decide whether it needed to charge interest on its loans for all existing and new aircraft.

That review, the official said, is currently ongoing.

This year, the Aviation Services Industry Association (ASIA) says the penalty rate plan is too high for small planes.

The ARA estimates about 60,000 people are flying commercial aircraft on the island daily and, based on recent statistics, that number has likely continued to increase until the end of the year.

It estimated there was a $1 billion loss from pilot fares for a 20 per cent fee on aircraft operated on th카지노 사이트e airport in 2016-17, while other estimates put the annual loss at about $1.5 billion.

One of the reasons why the ARA plans to review its system is that the FAA has already announced it will review th